My First Quran with Pictures (Flashcard Edition)

The first time I saw My First Quran with Pictures belonging to a friend, I fell totally in love. It is like the whole “lesson plan” from Surah Al-Balad to Surah An-Nas have been compiled in one book. The illustrations are extremely inviting and easy to follow even for my non-readers. I can simply read the surah while pointing to the pictures in sequence. Prior to this, I have painstakingly planned lessons like this, this and this. With the existence of the book, there was NO excuse for me to delay their Quranic Arabic lessons just because of excuses like:

  • “I have no time to plan for the surah.”
  • “I have not read up enough.”
  • “I have not researched enough.”
  • “I have not come up with enough activities for the surah.”

While I do think good research and interesting activities are very much required and inviting, the book allows me to start even while I am still in the midst of preparing. At least, I keep the momentum alive, insyaAllah.

Above all, the book is so well-loved that I haven’t got the time to send it to a book clinic to have it treated.  Most days, I will spot my 8yo sitting on the sofa with it and will tell me stories of it after. My non-readers, 3yo and 5yo, will look at the pictures. MasyaAllah.

Our lovingly used My First Quran with Pictures – First Edition.
(I heard they included Al-Fatihah in the Second Edition! Lucky Second Edition book owners!)

Recently, the author, Shereen Sharief, posted on their Instagram account of their newest product. The exact same book but in flashcards form. I was SO thrilled and I immediately messaged her that I need THEM pronto even before she barely showed that many photos of the new product! I cannot imagine the endless possibilities I can do with flashcards but I will walk you through on how I intend to do with mine!!

The set comes nicely packed and filed in a hard cover binder.

When one of my friends received hers, she was surprised it came nicely in a binder. From her own words, “I thought it was just a pack of cards.”

Each set of surah is color coded and different from the next.

What does it mean? It means I can store it and love it like a baby away from 3 little pairs of prying hands and many fingers. I can detach a set of surah off it and have it used for the whole week over and over again until I am done with the surah, Alhamdulillah!

The flashcard is double-sided.

Although I would VERY much loved single sided flashcards but our forests, unfortunately, is under a lot of threat. So let’s try our best whenever we can.

The flashcard is made up of a thicker material than paper.

Awhhh.. look how lovely it is on the wall! MasyaAllah!

It makes great wall “posters” that the kids can come back to daily and learn the surah in smaller portions.:D

The number of surah is EXACTLY the same as in their “My First Quran with Pictures” – First Edition.

It contains from Surah An-Nas to Surah Al-Balad. Of course, I would VERY much like it if it had contained ALL of Juz Amma but great things need time and patience is half of imaan. 😀

One page of the book is broken down into 3-4 pages of flashcards.

Prove that the pages are ripped apart due to high usage frequency.

It makes it palatable as the surah gets longer and the Arabic words get harder. Furthermore, it helps learners (like myself) who might need more time to digest things in smaller portions before moving on to the next part.

The cards are made of glossy material.

How lovely it is to learn arabic words as we go along. MasyaAllah.

So, I just had to try writing with whiteboard markers. 😀

Me erasing the whiteboard marks using tissue paper.

It worked! I don’t need to prep materials like this if I could not keep up with my lesson preps!

**DISCLAIMER: PLEASE make a patch test of your whiteboard marker against your flashcard and erased it at your own risk. From my past experiences, not all whiteboard markers are created equal.***

You can follow their:

instagram: faith_books


Now that I have the book AND the flashcards, there is really NO excuse for me to keep delaying our Quranic Arabic journey.

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