The Kids’ First Trip to Sungei Buloh

The Kids’ First Trip to Sungei Buloh

I had always been a fan of Sungei Buloh since my younger days. I enjoyed how more ‘untouched’ it was many years ago. Fast forward many years later, I decided to bring the kids to Sungei Buloh. While doing my research, I realised, there are two main entrances now. Apparently, they have expanded, masyaAllah!

Visitor Centre:
60 Kranji Way, #01-00
Singapore 739453

Wetland Centre:
301 Neo Tiew Crescent
Singapore 718925

Walking our way to our first station – The Mud Experience.

We decided to have our starting point from Wetland Center instead. Alhamdulillah, it was a choice I did not regret. We started out with the Mud Experience. For the Mud Experience, it is best if you either go early in the morning (around 8am) or late afternoon (not sure about this as I am just guessing :D). During these times, the mangrove swamps are experiencing low tide, thus, there is a staircase that could lead you to where the mudflats are during the low tide. When you do, you will be able to experience and see the life that resides in the mangrove itself. The mudflats certainly are teeming with life. We were able to see the mudskippers, horseshoe crabs and a few others. It was fun for the kids too because the stairs were covered with some mud and the way to the viewing deck on the opposite side is through a bridge made of ropes. MasyaAllah. Needless to say, we collectively agreed that it was the best part of our Sungei Buloh trip.

Walking on the muddy pavement which otherwise could not be seen at all during high tide.
Standing at the possible lowest ground while having a panoramic view of the mudflat.
Spot the mudskipper.
Check out the mudskipper.
Not forgetting, the baby horseshoe crab.
Heading their way up to the viewing deck on the opposite side.
On our way back, it was high tide.
Both the muddy walkway and the rope bridge is fully submerged during high tide.

Although the pavements are different than it used to be and more modern than it used to be, there were so many things to see for the first time. One of it is the countless majestic and extensive spiderwebs belonging to spiders I have never seen in my entire life on this planet, subhanaAllah. I cannot imagine the endless species that I have yet to meet.

There were many migratory birds around. We were lucky enough to have a flock of egrets flying towards our direction.

The flock of egrets flying towards our direction. Well, not really.. but we had a close view of it, Alhamdulillah.


There used to be loads of egrets at a forested area near White Sands, Pasir Ris, many years ago. After the area had been levelled off, no egrets was ever seen again. Fast forward many years later, I spotted a number of them in Tampines many times! I hope they found a safe place to stay here amidst all the buildings. I am happy to see them again. It is as if meeting a friend you have not met for a long time.

When we reached the Eagle Point, midway of the entire route, Alhamdulillah, we had a waterbreak. We saw more the migratory birds and a kingfisher, swooping above the waters twice, trying to catch a little snack. As we were enjoying the panaromic view of the , Umar realised that Johor is just across us. Upon checking the map, indeed, we were looking straight up at Johor, masyaAllah. Further down, we spotted mangrove jellyfishes as it swam gracefully in the waters.

Watching the blue collared kingfisher.
We also realised how close we are to Johor. (opposite)
Towards the end of the trip, we were serenaded by the adhan from one of the mosque in Johor.
We met a green vine snake which is also known as the Oriental Whip Snake.
The lovely Mangrove Jellyfish swam gracefully in the water.

As we were walking looking for Adventure Junior Trail, the littlest was distracted by a trail of marching ants like he always did. Upon successfully reaching ‘the other side’, we were greeted by a pond with stepping stones to get to the opposite end. (Well, one can use the walking pavement, certainly but having driven so far, it would be a waste if one did not use the stepping stones instead.) I would usually try to help to be a safety net but having three kids with me as the only adult, I have to trust them – completely. I let the older two lead the way while I manage the littlest on the stepping stones instead. Halfway through, the littlest had one foot in and the shoe was completely soaked.

The trail of ants never seem to bore him.

The Adventure Trail was not at all big. It did not enticed me at all but my kids had the most fun with it especially the wobbly bridge on a pool of water. I lost count of the many times I had to go to and fro. It is not the big things after all.

Their favourite water bridge.

We had our lunch break there and because it was scorching hot, the wet shoe was dry after leaving it out in the sun, Alhamdulillah.

Beside the Adventure Trail, there is an exhibit showcasing all the different types of swamps and the possible life forms that you might be able to find. A good retreat after a hot day indeed because it is air-conditioned. 😀

Check out the Visitor Center too. There is a Passport 2 Nature for the kids. It is a joint project with Pulau Kukup National Park, Johor, Malaysia. If you complete all of the questions, you are entitled to a free gift, while stocks last. 😀

The kids with their passports right before we made our way back to the entrance we started with.
The wobbly bridge at the Forest Trail.
It was supposed to be a calming stroll but anything wobbly is a playground to the boys.
Definitely, no time to pause and let your mind wander.

I am happy to report that the kids enjoyed their trip from the conversations they had with their dad many hours later and insisting that a second visit should happen with their dad. In addition, they whipped out their nature book and recorded their favourite part (the Mud Experience) in their nature book, masyaAllah.

Immortalising his experience on a piece of paper.

Hope to visit Sungei Buloh again, insyaAllah!

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