Juz Amma: An-Nas

“Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allah, but whaetever of evil befalls you, is from yourself.”

[Quran 4:79]

We started Surah An-Nas by selecting a few vocabulary ito introduce into their arabic vocabulary bank. It was followed closely putting the words together to form the individual ayah in the surah.

Since the background of the surah is about the tireless shaytan and his followers who are always trying to scare us and make us do the wrong things, we did several activities. The activities focused on the importance of fighting the whispers that tell us to do bad deeds, no matter where they come from.

One of the activities we did was making the right decisions. My 7 year old was not interested so I invited my 4 year old who was keen to participate. However, my 7 year old, eventually, participated in the activity verbally while he was busy running around us.

In this activity, I used “The Game of Choices” by Chai Mommas. I did not use everything listed. I only choose those that are relevant to my family.


Ali had to make a decision if by doing the action will bring happiness or sadness to Shaytan.

Our second activity consists of a few hadith I compiled on mannerism during meal times. Then, I used the printable cards of Table Manners by Cornerstone Confessions. I went through the hadith with them. After which, I picked out each card and read to them. They placed the cards on the related hadith. For this, since it was challenging, my 7 year old accepted the invitation. It was tough for my 4 year old but he enjoyed listening to stories so, Alhamdulillah, he sat through it. Similar to the previous activity, we selected the cards that are relevant to my family practices and culture.

Throughout the week, they were engaged by the actions that I had put together that helps in the memorisation of the meaning of the surah.

We ended Surah An-Nas with a short story about Pharoah’s life. It was my first time reading it too and it is refreshing to know a little about how Pharoah became who he was. His story certainly ties in well with Surah An-Nas about making poor decisions and listening to and acting upon the whispers.

You may download word for word translation of Surah Ash-Shams here:

  1. Al-Nas (A5 with colored border)

  2. Al-Nas (Card size with colored border)

If you would like to share other activity ideas that you did with your little ones, leave us a comment! InsyaAllah, I can benefit from your sharing too! <3

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