Juz Amma : Ash-Shams

Juz Amma : Ash-Shams

“Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allah, but whaetever of evil befalls you, is from yourself.”

[Quran 4:79]

These are the activities I did for Ash-Shams. I started by picking out the vocabulary words that I want him to grasp.

(MasyaAllah, Umar and Ali looked like little babies here!!
How did they grow up so fast?)

Here, I made them recognise the word and the translation by playing games with them using these noisy buzzers. 😀

Game 1:
I say out the arabic word.
They press the buzzer and gets to point to the correct word.

Game 2:
I say out the english translation word.
They press the buzzer and say the arabic word.

After a few rounds, Umar wrote the meaning of the word.
I remembered that Umar was not writing that much yet.
So, I encouraged him to draw meaningful pictures that will aid his memorisation at the same time.

Then, he recites the surah while pointing to the words as he goes along.
My aim was for him to listen to his own reading.
I want him to be aware of what he is reading.
(Ali did a round of this too! But of course, he just whack pointing randomly at the words as he reads along. It sure gave us loads of giggles. :D)

As I did not want Ali to be left out, I color coded the words.
Each color belongs to a particular ayah.
For Ali, he has to sort out the colors while saying the colors in arabic.

After Ali has sorted out for his brother, Umar had to rearrange the words to form each ayah in the correct sequence.

To spice up their memorisation, we did movement as we recite the surah to encourage him to internalise while he is reciting Ash-Shams.

In between, we also had puppet plays and story telling about Prophet Salih and the people of Thamud.

Now, I love to inject interdisciplinary subjects into various subjects as much as possible and because Ash-Shams talks about the sun and the moon, the earth and the sky, I could not resist doing a little Astronomy.

We had a poster about planets put up on one of our walls.
After studying the unique properties of each planet, we made a bookmark featuring the planets in our solar system.
Umar had to make careful consideration of the colours he is choosing for his planet based on the properties that they have.
Example – Mars
Smallest and the hottest planet. (small red dot)


This chart is up on one of our walls permanently.

We decided to extend a bit on the different phases of the moon. I have been intrigued by it myself!

Here, we used a bright torchlight as the sun.
The basketball perched up on a stick as the orbiting moon.
Myself as the earth.

You may download word for word translation of Surah Ash-Shams here:

  1. Ash-Shams (A5 with colored border)

  2. Ash-Shams (Card size with colored border)

If you would like to share other activity ideas that you did with your little ones, leave us a comment! InsyaAllah, I can benefit from your sharing too! <3

By the way, don’t you find Ash-Shams very poetic? 🙂

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