Our precious no.2 is a…

… BOY!!!!

All I wanted for this pregnancy was to conceive a healthy baby. Whether it is a boy or a girl, he/she will still be my child whom I am going to shower with lots of love. But because I do get alot of guessing games questions that revolves around “are you expecting a boy or girl?”, I can’t help but to tell them my preference. You see, like chocolates. I eat ALL kinds of chocolates. I am a chocolate addict on probation. BUT if you let me choose the type of chocolate I can eat, I will definitely prefer to drown myself in a pool of dark chocolate.

So, friends who have been asking would already know I secretly wanted ANOTHER boy! Actually, even if I had a girl, I will be equally elated because it would be fun to shop for a little girl. (I can’t help to gush at all the pretty little things a parent can buy for their little girls. Sometimes I wish I can fit into them. :P) Shopping for Umar had proven to be difficult with very little varieties. Yes, we scoured the whole level of Paragon and only came home with a pair of pants for Umar. 😀 BUT YES, I AM OVER THE MOON BECAUSE MY LITTLE WISH AT THE CORNER OF MY HEART HAD BEEN GRANTED. ALHAMDULILLAH!!!

Having said all that, I can’t help but to share some responses I have gotten from friends, colleagues and even mommies whom I met at Umar’s kindy.

1. You mean you hate girls?
Ok. How can I hate girls when I was born a girl.  I love girls. I have two (+1!!!!) nieces whom I showered with lots of love and gifts. You can ask my sister and she can vouched for it anytime. I get worried for them like how I would for my own children. I want an all-boys troop so I can complement my sister’s family. LOL I also had a pseudo-daughter, Asha, who calls me Ummi. So how in the world do I hate girls?

2. Then, you won’t have a mini-you. You won’t have a friend.
HAHA. Umar is my shadow. He can’t sleep at night without me. Does that make him a mini-me then? The only thing he has in common with my husband is probably his features. He looks 100% like my husband but otherwise, I am his need and comfort. Nobody can comfort him like I do (because I have a secret weapon, of course! :P) Umar and my husband are my friends at home. 😀

Umar was barely 3 months in the picture. This was our first family potrait in our studio at home. Spot Umar and you can see him looking at ME with so much adoration. I am very sure I AM his BEST FRIEND. 😀

3. Errm. Are you happy? Were you expecting a girl? Or are you fine with another boy?
OK. This tickled me no to end because despite my high pitched and excited voice this question came up. Truth is, I was not expecting anything although knowing that my second will be another boy is a bonus and nothing else. I know it makes a perfect family portrait with boy-girl combination. Plus, a girl would mean shopping will be easy and breezy for me. But I think it will make a BETTER family portrait with ME as the QUEEN! 😛

4. You know, boys will leave their homes once they are married and will forget about you but girls will stay. 
Didn’t your husbands do the same thing? hehe. I am sure I will be an emotional wreck if any of my children get married one day. As for the forgetting part, hmmm, i am not really too sure. But what I do know is my husband will make it a point for us to visit his family AND his grandmother everytime he is not bounded by work. At the end of the day, as parents, my only hope is that I have instilled them with the correct values and that they are directed towards deeds that are pleasing to Allah.

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