Always a Blessing (Part 1)

Butterfly Effect is one of my all-time favourite movies. It is about a guy who earnestly tries to save the life of a girl he likes by changing certain parts of his life through a supernatural way by reading his journal. Sounds great isn’t it? However, every time he tries to alter his past or present, something about his life changes. He becomes crippled, the girl he likes dies in an accident or she ends up with someone else. The message is simple. Life is full of what-ifs. Most of the time, you would think the what-ifs would be better for you or your loved ones but little did you realise that your life is a big masterplan only known to Him. You cannot dwell or wallow in self-pity for what life brings you. The only thing you can do is to move forward, keep finding solutions to your impending so-called problems and keep hopes alive. Most importantly, make the best out of it.

In December 2015, shortly a few days after we were back from Bali, our lovely, active and happy Umar developed rashes all over his body. It started from his legs and spread rapidly up to the face. Not missing any parts of his body. That was when our lives and routines took a drastic turn.

The Blame Game

When something untowardly happened to you, you spend so much energy in the initial part of your trial to find fault in everything you did. Did I give him the wrong food? Why did I not do this or that? Problem is, even if I find out who/what is to blame, what can I do? No one has invented a time machine yet, right?

There will also be those who will keep trying to insinuate that you are indeed at fault. The hardest was when someone asked me twice on separate occasions, “Did you plan this pregnancy?” I retorted curtly with a “Why?” She answered, “Well, you should have planned this pregnancy because Umar needs all your attention now and Ali is still so young.”

I won’t lie. I was fuming mad beyond words. IF I had known that Umar will develop such severe eczema, I will not even think of getting pregnant. Secondly, ALL of these happened at the same time. I found out I was pregnant a few days before heading to Bali. When we came back, Umar was not well. IF I had known, would I want to be pregnant and be facing all of these at the same time? It’s not only physically exhausting. It saps every little ounce of energy I have.

The nights become longer … sometimes non-existent

If daytime was not bad enough trying to manage Umar’s emotions and trying to stop him from clawing his flesh out, we dread the nights the most. His skin and bones was his enemy, especially at night.

Why does the eczema itch more at night?
It’s very simple – the secretion of cortisol which is the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory hormone. Cortisol is at its highest level in the morning and the lowest level at night.

Do you wake up your child in the morning and find them scratching in their sleep? The cortisol has yet to kick in. It hardly seems fair that eczema can be so miserable and itchy for innocent, sweet little sleepers – or non-itchy sleepers.

Daytime itching is decreased by higher levels of Cortisol in the body but also by distractions. Active children are less likely to notice their eczema. There is also another naturally occurring chemical in the body that is highest during the day and helps with calming the itch – histamine.  Unfortunately, histamine is lowest at night which increases nighttime itching.

His body cannot regulate temperature well and he is constantly having the chills akin to a person having extreme high fever. While everyone is perspiring buckets, he is feeling chilly all the time. It was difficult for him to be on the same bed with us. At the same time, I weaned him because I thought my breastmilk was the problem. Previously, he had no problem with my breastmilk because I watch my diet like how an eczema patient would. Eating only the right kind of food. However, while trying to find some answers, my search led me to an article pointing out how pregnancy can change a woman’s hormones drastically and causing chemical imbalances in the milk. It was the toughest decision for me because stopping abruptly was never in the pipeline. It was very difficult for him too. He couldn’t understand why he can’t get the comfort he needs at his most difficult time. Even incentives like screen time or new toys did not work. He was devastated every single night.

The first few months were the hardest. He will wake up at 2 am screaming at the top of his lungs and throw a tantrum. He usually calms down close to 5 am after we successfully wipe him down and convinced him to let us apply “wet wrapping” on him. It was so bad that we were visited by the police on one of those mornings because a neighbour had called thinking it was child abuse.


Intially, when he developed his eczema, I still bring him to meet his friends. I wanted him to feel comfortable with his condition. It was fine. No one seemed affected by his condition. All of them played well together so I did not feel a need to prep him in that area. Furthermore, there are kids with harsher skin conditions at our neighbourhood playground and all of them play well together. I guess it stems from the innocence of a child. They are not bothered by anything unless an adult scares them.

Unfortunately, something happened. In one of the gatherings I attend, a kid refused to allow him to play with the rest because of his skin. The exchange that happened still makes me cringe but that is not the point. That night, he started to asking me questions which I have no answers to. “Why is my skin like this Ummi?” “What did I eat?” “Why they don’t want to play with me Ummi?” He was in tears the whole night waking up intermittently asking me the same questions over and over again. Occasionally, I caught him sleep-talking the conversations that took place. Since the episode, he was not comfortable with his skin. He refused to go to our daily playground trips or take a walk to the nearest shops. If he eventually relents to my invites, he will ask to be clothed in long pants and long sleeved tops even when it is scorching hot and humid. I do not deny his request because I want him to get some fresh air. I won’t deny I was worried sick about his emotional well-being. When he cried, I cried. It was so hard not to ask God “Why is this happening to me?”

I was constantly worrying about everything. When Umar got emotional in the day, I was afraid for my younger child. Ali will look at his brother and sometimes I could see fear and confusion in his eyes. While I was trying to manage a 5 year old, I wanted to hug the 2 year old telling him that everything is fine. With little and nearly no sleep and random meals, I kept worrying about this unborn child. I felt guilty that I did not take care of this little being like I did with his brothers. Every appointment with my gynae had me mentally prepared for the worst. However, after the 3rd appointment I realised, that everything is not in my hands. I am not in control of everything. Worrying shouldn’t be in my agenda at all. I just have to try my best. If He wills it to happen, it will happen.

With our disrupted sleeping routine, it was really hard to start the next day feeling happy. I was constantly easily ticked off. Initially, I fight fire with fire. I felt challenged every time he gets emotional and refuse to stop scratching. My mind, body and soul were constantly tired. I could not exercise Respectful Parenting. I felt angry at myself and the situation I was in. The house has to be wiped down everyday and bedsheets need to be washed and changed daily because there were skin flakes everywhere. Bathing and clothing became a challenge. I started to nag constantly at nothing just because I’m tired. I forgot that my children can hear, see and feel. I, indirectly, drained them emotionally too.

No doubt, when I am emotionally affected, the mood in the house changes. I told myself I had to snap out of it. I needed to move on. I eventually left alot of Whatsapp Group chats because I needed to better spend the time I have to fix this problem. I did not want to spend my time trying to keep up with so many chats. It was indeed a great move. I miss my virtual social circle sometimes but it has helped me to focus on my child more than myself.

Umar can detect my emotions very well even when I tried my best to mask it by keeping quiet. He knows when I am faking being happy. He can sense from my body language and the tone of voice. I can’t just pretend to be happy. I needed to be genuinely happy. I need to understand his needs with all my heart. I cannot be a nazi about everything. I had to learn to let go.

I started to reflect alot. No doubt, initially, I missed that boy I once knew. In fact, everybody does. But what past is past. I had to focus on the present and he is still my son regardless. When he seems emotionally affected, I will tell him stories of the Prophets and their friends especially of Sayyidina Umar Al-Khatab and Sayyidina Ali (his and his brother’s namesake). I spent nights reading those stories myself before condensing it to the simplest form possible while retaining the most important lessons for the kids. It definitely has a positive impact on him because when the situation gets tough for him, in between tears, he will ask me to tell him a story of XXX. However, stories will remain as stories without experiences. It is good that he now realised the importance of being kind to everyone regardless. As an adult, it taught me to be mindful of the things I say to a child that might change his perception of certain situations. When he throws a tantrum, I try to put Respectful Parenting back in place. Sometimes, I just walk away and tell him I am here if he is ready to have me to calm him down.

Where sleeping is a concern, I miss those times I cannot sleep because I was tandem feeding them or my little babies refuse to sleep because they had enough for the night. Now, I have to take solace with quick naps in the day to get me by. I look pass the dishes in the sink when the kids take naps in the day because I know night is not a resting time for me anymore. I will either spend my nights calming him down or massaging him while telling him stories or reciting supplications so he can be soothed back to sleep.

I was a nazi when it comes to cleaning up the mess around the house. The first few months after he got eczema, he was only interested in sitting in a corner clawing his skin. During those moments, I wish I had not been a nazi on the mess around the house. I would rather he make a mess than sitting down feeling depressed. Things have certainly been better. Not stellar but getting there, insyaAllah. My heart smiles everytime I see him running around like a free spirit or playing with his toys. Never mind the mess. Most importantly, get the kids clean and fed. It will not be long before they grow up and mess their own room. By then, I will have my own living space empty. Probably, I won’t know what to do with it.

As for this pregnancy, I do get terrible headaches, diarrhoea and vomiting from time to time like any other pregnancies, but otherwise, I can take comfort from the little kicks and movements. At least, one less thing to worry about. Umar even named the baby before we knew the gender. He was pretty determined on the name and surprise, surprise, he got the gender right.

No effort reaped success overnight. I am not going to lie that in between the efforts to cure his eczema and make myself a better parent, there were occasions where I falter. I still do, until today. Sometimes, I still fight fire with fire. But I will try to redeem myself in the next hour or so. I will often apologise to him for my shortcomings and deep down inside me, I just hope he finds a place to forgive me … completely. Even during the hardest moment

It has been six months and although we are still on the road to recovery, my biggest takeaway of it all is never, ever doubt Allah’s mercy, love and grace. He never fails and He is the only place that can provide you with cure and comfort. In this journey, I met remarkable individuals who are professionals in different fields that gave both my husband and I better insight on what we are dealing with. Again, I am sure, this is by no means accidental. These are all possible through his mercy, love and grace.

A dear Ustazah once advised me “Don’t focus on the results. Make consistent efforts.”

Cause all of the stars

Are fading away
Just try not to worry
You’ll see them some day
Take what you need
And be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

-Oasis, Stop Crying Your Heart Out

(One of the soundtrack from Butterfly Effect :))

First BLW Journey

Introducing mealtimes to little people can be both pleasurable and stress-inducing at the same time. It can also be an exciting adventure as you plan their meals and decide their first taste.

For Umar, we started him as young as 6 months. His first meal was pureed spinach. Spinach is a good source of iron and fibre. However, we realised his little digestive system takes a while to adjust to any food, no matter how nutritious the food is. He developed constipation soon after we started him on his meals. His paediatrician had advised us if he develops constipation, we should delay introduction of solid food until his bowel movements were regular again.

So we stopped and waited for him to recover before we tried again. But, he constipated again. We then only fed him every 3 days and since he still constipated, the feeding became a weekly affair. That did not last long too as we only fed him solids monthly soon after. Then over time, we simply did not feed him any solids. After all, he was feeding from breastmilk very well and showed absolutely no sign of hunger. He was 8 months then and we started again only when he reached 1.5 years old. Why?

Well, after reading lots of articles and books, I realised we are not doing any harm to a child by delaying solid. In fact, by delaying solids, we allow their gut to mature. Since he gnaws on anything he can get hold of, gum exercises were not an issue either.

My own logic was that we should not shock his digestive system too much. The feeding of solids usually stems from the parents’ excitement on another milestone for their firstborn.

So how is Umar’s appetite and eating habits now? Umar is not a picky eater and will eat anything, unless the food is salty or spiced. The downside is that he used to reject food that is not home-cooked. Travelling can be a bit of a nightmare. He does not really enjoy eating and, probably, only eats to survive. He would not sit still for a meal and basically, feeding him is a workout for his parents. 🙂

When I was blessed with a second child, I read and heard about baby-led weaning. More searches led me to a book that now I almost swear by it. Hah. I read almost anything and everything.

Baby-led Weaning by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett

I love that this book is very narrative and simple to understand. It doesn’t discount any beliefs or alternative practices. The author reasons out his points but does not ignore others altogether. According to him, you do not need to plan meals specifically for your child. It asks you to rather focus on introducing the child to “real food” and making everyone enjoy mealtimes. It does not stress on stopping milk intake altogether. In fact, the book advocates a focus on smoother transitions to real food and not an abrupt stop to milk intake as the author sees its the importance in their growing years.

The first few chapters talks about the false signs of readiness which I have read about. It also touches a bit of history on solid food, why some are labelled as early as four months and the disadvantages of spoonfeeding and pureed food.  Yep, it fits the bill perfectly because that is exactly what I want. You see, we are not perfect. And each child we are blessed is an opportunity for us to approach things differently. Each child, to me, is like a science experiment. LOL. The part I like most is how the author stressed that feeding is a developmental stage like crawling, walking and talking. If I allowed crawling, walking and talking to take place naturally, I should allow feeding and eating to take place on its own too. Just like how at birth, babies are able to find their own way to the breast and latch on to feed.

“Learning to eat solid food is a natural part of a baby’s development – just like crawling, walking and talking. It’s a normal part of growing up.”

We decided to start introducing real food to Ali when he was 1 year old because we believe in waiting for his digestive system and immune system to mature. Also, Ali did not show any sign of readiness before.

“If she can sit up with little or no support, reach out to grab things and take them to her mouth quickly and accurately, and if she is gnawing on her toys and making chewing movements, then the chances are she is ready to start exploring solid foods.

But the very best sign that a baby is ready is when she starts to put food into her mouth herself – which she can only do if she is given the opportunity.”

We introduced Ali with broccoli, pumpkin and everything I could think of. He was not even remotely interested. Not even bread. I was a bit surprised because he puts sand in his mouth when we visited the beach. (Yes, he tasted sand and even choked on it!) I thought he would be ready for solid. 😛 I even made it VERY enticing. Not the sand, but the first few fruits and vegetables that I thought he would like.

I placed a piece of pumpkin on a paper while we were doing art. He eats the paper but not the pumpkin. I tried to trick him by letting my first child, Umar, have a bite first. He just would not touch food. Well, truth be told, I was about to give up and just proceed to spoon feeding. I started talking to a group of mommies I met online. They offered various ideas on how to cut them and introduced it. However, there was one advice that stayed with me. “Patience. They will get there.” Well, that was what the book mentioned initially. It is a milestone to be achieved naturally.


This is our fond memories of his initial journey in BLW. 
I have tried many ways but he would just manoeuvre around the food item and proceed to other non-edible objects to play with.
I even resorted to laying it out in an attempt to make it look like our regular art session.
He looked pretty suspicious at first. Picked up the paper, ignored the pumpkin and nibbled on the paper. 


My little helper ever so willing to help me bake cookies for his brother or making Croquettes. 


Both of them will spend their time in the kitchen with me the moment I need to start preparing meals for them. 

So I just proceeded to give him anything from what I was cutting for the day. It can be a stalk from a leafy vegetable or even garlic.

Then it happened. We were eating out and he wants to grab something from our plate as usual. I gave him french fries. I thought he would just play with it. But he didnt. He put it in his mouth, chewed a bit and spat it out. Yes, his first food happens to be the food item I will never give my children until they are much older. Oh well! You can only do so much. LOL!

So I started baking cookies for him.


One of the best times in our lives where I can eat anything without worrying that he will demand for it. We will always bring a set of cookies we baked from home everytime we go out. While I enjoy my cuisine, he gets his too. 😀

Whatever Umar is eating for the day, I will take a small portion of it and I either steamed or chopped them finely.

I made variations of what I just realised have a fancy name to it – Croquettes sans the salt and spices. I didn’t know I am such a masterchef. 😛

He loved it. I eat with him all the time. Sometimes, he will eat while I feed Umar. There were times, he will sit in a corner of the kitchen while I do the dishes.

You see, BLW makes my job easier because I can do other chores than feeding. But the initial stage was not easy. Actually, there was only one disadvantage I can think of – MESS!


Mess is indeed inevitable. Tired but that smiling face is priceless that you don’t mind doing it all over again.
Do you realise that he is seated in the same exact spot every meal. It’s a corner in the kitchen to ensure that mess is confine.
But worries not, these moments are fleeting, literally. Now, it’s just yesterday and he is really a ‘neat eater’ (if there is such a term :P)

I have to literally be on my knees making sure every bit of the crumb is caught, floor/table is Dettol-ed. I figured a high chair is not required and does not make cleaning any easier. He then needs to be showered and changed too because food gets on his face, hair, arms, legs and almost every other body parts.

This is how I remembered his stages to be:

  • chews a bit, spit out, flings his arms around. Nothing seems to goes in his digestive system.
    Mess level: OMG!
  • chews more, still spits, swallow with gagging or choking effect, flings his arm around.
    Mess level: horrendous
  • chews better, still spits, swallow with lesser gagging or choking.
    Mess level: bad
  • chews better, no spit, lesser gagging.
    Mess level: not so bad
  • chews better, no spit, no gagging.
    Mess level: manageable

I also realised BLW children will not want to be fed. They prefer to feed on their own unless they trust you with the food you are feeding them.

“A fully breast milk child is more likely to have more nutrients than eating half a carrot.”

Ali still feeds constantly every 3 hours and stick to me like a glue when I am at home. Reducing milk feeds shouldn’t be rushed. I am allowing Ali to determine his own path towards more solids and less milk.

“Knowing when to stop eating is a key factor in avoiding obesity and maintaining the right weight for your size, however old you are, so stopping when you are full sounds like common sense.”

This is one trait I also observed in Ali. I will take his cue when he stops eating and since he is eating real food, there is no food that goes to waste because I get to eat them as well, albeit, without any sugar, salt or spice. There are days too when he does not want to eat. I let him be then.

To end this post, I’ll leave a sweet summary by the author that holds true for a successful BLW.

  • Think of mealtimes as playtimes in the beginning.
  • Keep giving milk feeds on demand so that your baby’s solid food add to them rather than replace them.
  • Don’t expect your baby to eat much food at first.
  • Try to eat with your baby and include her in your meals whenever possible so that she has opportunities to copy you and practise new skills.
  • Expect some mess!
  • Keep it enjoyable – for all of you.


Wrap review : Little Frog Fluorite

TWO surprises coming your way at the end of this post (because November is Janna’s (from JarsofFluff) and my birthday! So that’s reason to celebrate and be merry! 😉

The wrap that I am reviewing is a different blend from the one I reviewed recently. It is a machine woven wrap with a linen weft in a broken twill weft. I have always enjoyed handwoven linen blends but i have always wondered how a machine woven one is.

The wrap is called Little Frog Fluorite and it is exploding with vibrant colours that are most suited for someone with a bubbly personality and likes lots of colors in their life. It matches with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you wear and the colors will make any dull days exciting. It is woven with a cotton warp and linen weft in broken twill, one of my favourite twill. Broken twill is not densely woven, allowing the wrap to be airy in hot and humid Singapore.

Wrap Photoshoot2-5

My first Impressions

It feels thinner than the Little Frog – Turqoise Cube (LFTC), almost thin like a canvas and is soft and amazingly floppy. While LFTC is like a blanket, the Little Frog Fluorite does not have that feel because of the linen weft. It is also drier to the touch compared to LFTC. Imagine running your fingers through through fine sand. Smooth but dry. Now, imagine running your fingers through foam balls. Smoother and doesn’t exude the dry feeling. The weaving is immaculate and perfect with neat hemmed selvedges. Knowing that the hemmed selvedges in LFTC makes passes pretty easily, I was not too affected by this. In fact, I embraced it wholeheartedly this time. <3

Wrap Photoshoot2-3

Wrap Photoshoot2-4

Wash and Care

Linen is a very easy blend to care for. Just follow these simple tips:

  • Wash with gentle liquid detergent. Preferably the liquid detergent you use to wash your children’s clothes. No optical brighteners as it might cause discolourations or spots.
  • Washing machine to be on a low and gentle cycle.
  • Tumble dry on the lowest option possible.
  • Air dry it slightly.
  • Iron when it is slightly damp as it prevents the linen fibres in the wrap from stiffening.
  • Steam iron to prevent perma-creasing.

Putting it to a test

I am excited to test drive the Little Frog Fluorite because linen can hold anything effortlessly while being kind to the shoulder. I tested it with my forever-willing 4 year old in a front carry no less and it lived up to its reputation. There was no cush factor on my shoulders but that does not mean it is diggy. Also, the wrap on my shoulders feels thin and it is as light as a feather. It’s thinner than LFTC and the knot is very small that having a double knot to secure your wrap job does not make it unsightly at all. Wearing my 15 kg toddler proved to be effortless.

Wrap Photoshoot2-7

Wrap Photoshoot2-2

This wrap is SUPERB for beginners especially with the colored rails. You will know where to tighten should you find a slack in your wrapping job. 
Example: If i find the blue rail on his back is loose, all I need to do is to find the blue rail and pull to tighten. 😉

I love how weightless and fuss-free it is when carrying my childer in FWCC. My favourite carry is DH because of the kid’s size but I seem to enjoy FWCC in this wrap because it holds. It also shows the happy, pastel rainbow colors very well. Sorry, can’t help it that I love to flaunt my wraps. 😛

Wrap Photoshoot2-8

Wrap Photoshoot2-9

Wrap Photoshoot2-11

Yes, weightless. 

I did not try with a squish for this but I am imagining this will be divine once broken in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend this for a newborn as I love my newborns to snuggle in something soft and blankety.


LFF is a great starter wrap if you have a squish baking in the oven and wearing a toddler actively at the same time because by the time your toddler has manage to break in this wrap, it will be soft and floppier for your younger one. This is the wrap to look for if your baby is growing faster than you can run because the linen weft is truly spectacular! While LFTC offers the support and the cush, I would go for LFF and disregard the absence of cush due to my two big babies that I wear. Wearing must be effortless and not weigh you down with the extra load front or back. Of course, the super duper happy colours are totally a win for me.

Wrap Photoshoot2-13

We might not agree (or look) on the same things, but rest assured, this wrap is something we both have in common. 😀

So now, the best part!!!


YES! This very wrap for you at the cost of shipping only ($10)! The cost will go to a courier service to safely ship the wrap to you.

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Get $10 credits off your first purchase with red mart by using this link. 😉

We enjoy our groceries sessions very much but sometimes our working schedule clashes and we don’t have enough time to do groceries together.

There’s only so much groceries I can carry with Ali on my back and needing to watch over Umar on his scooter or bicycle. Even when I don’t have that many things to buy, standing in a queue can be VERY daunting with 2 kids. Ali enjoys being wrapped on my back only when I am on the move but the moment I have to stand still, he will start squirming. Umar, though only 4, tries his best to be patient. Bless his kind heart.

We discovered Redmart during Eid when our kind and generous cousin, Mariam, who is an online shopper extraordinaire, introduced us to Redmart.  She even buys her television sets online! (not at Redmart though) When I first heard about Redmart, I did not think much about it but after hearing our cousin rave reviews of their products and services, we decided to give it a try and we have been hooked since.

Let me list down why Redmart is the way to go!

1 Redmart’s website is very easy to navigate and it even has an app. While I am in bed nursing my kids to sleep, I can shop on my smartphone at the same time.

2 Redmart lets me zoom in on every side of the packaging. Front, back, and even the sides of the package. I find it important to check out what a food product is made up of and, more often than not, I would also be looking for the Halal logo on the packaging.
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.09.21 PM

3 Free delivery if you spend more than $50.
You only need $30  off your first time purchases. 😉
If you sign up using the link above, you’ll get $10 off your purchase.

4 With inflation these days, you can easily spend $50 buying groceries. So instead of me queuing in line with a cranky baby and the prospect of losing my arms while lugging everything home, what better way than to have them send to me for FREE right at my doorstop and I can spend time with my kids at home or the playground.

5 I can keep tab on my spending. It is so easy to overspend when you are out grocery shopping. With Redmart, I am aware how much I am spending on as I can easily take a look at the total amount in my shopping cart. Also, I can easily check how much I have spent in a month through past transactions in your profile.
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.11.02 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.16.58 PM

You can view your past purchases so saves you time from searching for it all over again.

6 All our groceries came in perfect shape when delivered right to my doorstep. No packages were dented when they were delivered to me and all the chilled items came, well…., chilled.

7 They have promotions like other supermarkets do and prices are comparable to supermarkets such as NTUC or Giant. I have purchased diapers at promotion price a number of times and they are cheaper than your “brick and mortar” supermarkets. Best thing, you can get Redmart to send an alert when an item is on sale!
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.13.16 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.13.45 PM

8 Delivery comes with discounts. There are delivery times that are unpopular such as weekday mornings. If you choose those delivery timeslots, you can get up to $3 off your purchase and if you allow them to send 2 hours before your preferred time, you will get an additional $1 off.
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.15.26 PM

Lastly, discounts on your first purchase at Redmart. So fancy a $10 credit off on your first purchase? Use this link here to sign up and happy shopping!



Winner of the 1st Giveaway

I apologize with the delay of the announcement as kids took turns to get sick over the intended weekend. I am really grateful for the immense participation in my first giveaway and with that THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. With that, look out for the second giveaway in NOVEMBER. This time, it will be even bigger and better because November is MY BIRTHDAY!!!

The winner of the first giveaway goes to….

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“Feel closer to my baby and I still can take care of my 2 older kids while having the younger one close to me.” – Frida

Wrap review (& giveaway) : Little Frog – Turqoise Cube (Sponsored Post)

Shortly after I wrote an entry on Babywearing with Wraps, Janna from Jars of Fluff contacted me. She wanted me to review two of her wraps and I could choose which two. (Yes, my choice!) I was way beyond thrilled, of course! I do not want to rush my reviews as it takes a couple of wearing and testing before I can say how I really feel about the wrap. The first wrap I reviewed was Little Frog – Turqoise Cube.


Notice the sheen on this wrap! 

My First Impressions

I was attracted to the colour. Well, who doesn’t like turquoise? And, it is similar to the soothing colour of Tiffany Blue. It reminds me of the ocean actually. The colour can evoke calmness and gentleness a midst all the chaos a mother faces at home.


Yes, nothing can go wrong with this lovely color. 

Based on experience with some machine woven wraps, I was expecting this wrap to be stiff, a little “carboard-y” . However, I was proven wrong at the first touch. As I glide my fingers across the wrap, it felt smooth, unlike the more textured 100% cotton machine woven wraps I used to have.  This saves me from having to literally sleep on it, thread it or work on it to make it softer.

The weave of the Little Frog – Turqoise Cube is beautiful. It is woven to perfection in a Jacquard weave. I have a tendency to check all my wraps for pulls or snubs the moment it arrives. This wrap is perfectly woven.

I was disappointed to find the selvedges hemmed but then again, all the machine wovens that I have tried have hemmed selvedges and this one came extremely NEAT. There is nothing wrong with hemmed selvedges but i wondered if it will cause making passes difficult but that will have to wait until I put it to a test.

Wash and Care

ALL new wraps come in loom state or simply put, never been washed before. So, to set the threads, it is highly encouraged to wash the wrap first. Wearing a wrap in loom state may result in thread shifting. Thread shifting can compromise the safety of the wrap and ultimately, decrease its resale value.

Since it is 100% cotton, caring for the wrap was easy. I threw it in a laundry bag, ran it in a washing machine on gentle cycle, spin to dry and it was good to go. And of course, I put in a bit of kids’ laundry detergent while I was at it. :p I am using Baby ECOS if any one is wondering what I use to wash my wraps.

Once it’s dry, the wrap was ready for wearing. Not much breaking in was required. I cannot imagine how great it will be once it is fully broken in because it already feels soft and floppy.


A picture representation of before (top) and after (bottom) wash. 
See how a wash is important in creating a fluffy wrap? 🙂

Putting it to a test


Let me introduce you to my 1 year 4 month old toddler who is weighing roughly 15 kg right this second. I must confess that I am VERY picky with the wraps I use to wear him for different occasions – grocery shopping alone / or with husband, sending and fetching the firstborn, park / playground visiting or long evening walks. I need a wrap that does not sag easily and not diggy to my picky shoulders. I also need a wrap that puts itself in place and doesn’t require me to stop every 20 minutes to adjust the rails.

At first touch, the Little Frog – Turqoise Cube feels thin. I was worried that this wrap was not what I was wanted. I brought it out for a trip to a water playground, then we walked and explored the area near the water playground. On the second day, I brought it out for grocery shopping when I was alone with my toddler and pre-schooler. I also tested it out in various carries – FWCC, Ruck, Double Hammock in various finishes.


Look how easily deep a seat it creates for back carries.
The knees has to be higher than the bum so the weight is on their bottom. 

So here is my verdict of the wrap.

Although it is thin, it is far from being diggy. It provides the ample cush on my shoulders that I need in a wrap. I was quite surprised that although the selvedges were hemmed, making passes were breezy. I was able to wrap faster than I thought. However, due to the nature of the wrap, it is a bit slippery and doesn’t grip that well. So finishes that doesn’t require tying knots doesn’t work well with my shoudlers. With knot finishes, I needed to tie the knot twice to ensure that the knot stays in place. However, it is not the end of the world because didn’t I mention that the wrap is thin? And that works to its advantage. My double knots doesn’t look bulky or unsightly. In fact, it looks just the right size for petite me.

The wrap shines a little so going to the grocers makes you a little more glam than usual. It is definitely an eye catcher. With not many varying colours on it, this is the wrap I will pick if I need to go to formal functions. Simple yet elegant and stunning. (You do not want the wrap to outshine your outfit during a sit down dinner. #justsaying :p)


Yes, the wrap does shines!
This wrap will go perfectly with your LBD. 😉


Random photo. LOL

Wearing my toddler in this forever humid and hot weather can be quite a workout. Even when I am not wearing him, I will perspire. But the fact that the wrap is 100% cotton, it has great absorbency and is cooling to the skin. Also the jacquard weave makes it airy and breathable. Both my toddler and I did not feel stuffy throughout the time we were “together”.


Thanks to a sweet friend who trusted me to wrap her newborn, I even had the opportunity to try the Little Frog – Turqoise Cube on a newborn.  :p I must have looked convincing enough. 😀

For newborns, mouldable and soft wraps are highly encouraged. Also, as we want to provide utmost comfort for the baby, it is preferable that the wrap is thin and airy.

This wrap is perfect for newborns. It is not only mouldable and soft, it is floppy as well. As the newborn is relatively small, cute, lightweight and oh-so-charming, I did not need a double knot to secure. For small babies, the wrap can grip in place with a single knot. The wraps were like feathers on my shoulders and with a newborn, the wrap felt almost non-existent.


Little Frog – Turqoise Cube is a great starter wrap that will definitely last beyond a year of wearing. With an investment $125, you get a thin, airy and cooling wrap in a size 6. I certainly think this is a worthy investment for a workhorse carrier.


So, Ali agrees that this wrap is for YOU!

So what is better than this review? It’s SEPTEMBER and it is JARSOFFLUFF BIRTHDAY!!! What does that mean, you might ask? It means JARSOFFLUFF  is having a DISCOUNT on different brands EACH WEEK. Psst… Didymos is my favourite brand too! 😉

This is an awesome time to get a gift for your friends who is is going to pop or just pop or simply clueless about baby wearing and wish to start! 

What else is exciting?

There is a Fluffy Accessory to be won! OMG!!!

All you have to do is to either share this post via Instagram or Facebook and fill out this GIVEAWAY**!

**Contest is open for Singapore Residents only.

**Winners will be notified via email in two weeks time! Please be patient with me as I have two kids + a husband to look after on normal days. 🙂


Photo credits: Spacefifty




Babywearing with Wraps

I am not a certified babywearing consultant. However, recently, strangely enough, I received messages asking me about babywearing and friends asking what carrier is suitable for a cranky baby or specifically newborn. Thus, this entry.

Please understand that I am not a know-it-all or intend to be one. I am writing this with the sole intent of sharing. Also, this post is not by any way saying that wraps is the best carrier of all.

I started babywearing since my first child was born 4 years ago and I actually wrote an entry on it here.

Fast forward 3 years later, my sister introduced me to wraps. I was hesitant at first because sleepy wrap (stretchy wraps) is nothing but SUPER hot for our climate. It’s just crazy to wear it in this weather with hijab and all.  But oh boy, wraps are not as hot as sleepy wraps and feels comfier than a soft-structured carrier.

There are so many reasons why I continue to babywear. One of the many reasons is that I believe constant touch (and massage) will stimulate the antistress chemical oxytocin in his brain.

“Three key things release the calming chemical oxytocin in a baby’s brain in a way that can drop levels of stress chemicals back to base rate. These are touch and massage, sucking and warmth.

Touch and massage

Most babies will stop crying if you pick them up. Close bodily contact regulates their bodily arousal system, activating the calm and centered branch, as well as releasing oxytocin.


Warmth releases oxytocin

Hold your baby cuddled close to your body or snuggled in a flannel sheet.

Movement and rocking

Babies love rhythmic movement, particularly being carried around, being pushed in a stroller or riding in a car. It is though that the rhythm triggers associations of being carried around in the security of the room. Make sure that you do not rock too hard, however, as this can has the same effect on the brain as shaking, which can cause burst blood vessels.

– The Science of Parenting by Margot Sunderland”

Doesn’t baby wearing promotes the factors mentioned very much? 🙂

Babies, especially newborns, tends to nurse ALOT and wants to be carried. Sometimes, it feels like you are forever nursing and carrying them that it seems almost impossible to carry out your daily activities as per normal. Babywearing certainly saves both mommy, baby and siblings of baby. 😛

So these are some questions that people ask me with.

1. Why do you choose wrap over soft-structured carriers like ergo, tula etc. especially for newborns up to 6 months?

A woven wrap is like a piece of cloth that drapes nicely around your body as well as your baby’s. It follows the structure without applying unnecessary pressure on their tiny being. This will avoid risk of over spreading baby’s legs. Furthermore, it can be used for as long as baby wants it.

I started off as an ergo mommy. While ergo provided me with the ease and quick-fix, the waist and shoulders feels comfier with a woven wrap than an ergo. Especially with a newborn, a woven wrap is definitely much preferred than an ssc because of the recommended physiological position when we babywear them.

From the website

A quick description of the physiological position :

  • Limbs are bent and close together near Baby’s center of gravity
  • Knees are lined up with the navel
  • Pelvis is tilted forward
  • Spine is in a curve
  • Head is lined with spine
  • Head doesn’t fall forward nor backward, and doesn’t loll sideways
  • Ankles aren’t turned away from the tibias and femurs
    Before Baby reaches 3-4 months, his knees open only as wide as his pelvis. After 3-4 months (when Baby can grab his feet on his own) the space between the knees can be wider, Baby can straddle the wrapper.

Photo is from

Also, a good back carry isn’t about baby being perfectly centered on your back. The most important thing is that his natural position is respected.

2. What are the benefits of babywearing?

I can go on and on and on but to keep it short, when Ali was born, babywearing was one of the key factors that salvaged my relationship with firstborn and also my sanity. The moment I woke up, I will need to bathe the baby and the toddler, prep breakfast for toddler, cook lunch, feed toddler and play with toddler. My life could not come to a standstill just because my baby needs to nurse and nurse and nurse. I needed to be going and my toddler and I need to visit places again like we used to.

What happens when you need to be in the thick of the action with your firstborn but the second one wants to be carried? Combine them together of course! 🙂

Soon after, my newborn became healthier and gained weight, Alhamdulillah! But having him on the front makes me feel pregnant all over again. So he was promoted to back carries.

Also, because woven wraps are mostly suitable for any child, Umar gets his uppy times too. 😉


Feeling at “home” even when he is out of home. 😉

WR_Sleep_DHStill as comfortable as he is in front. 🙂

3. Isn’t it hot with hijab and all?

Singapore is a land of heat and high humidity.  There’s no running away from that. Babywearing would make you feel the heat even more. But then again, babies, at least for mine, wants to be carried – almost all the time. What is a better way to ease that load off your arms than babywearing?

For beginners, my take is to look out for three things (although it is not a sure measure you gonna have cooler days)

A. Choose your woven wrap wisely.
B. Check at the density of the wrap.
C. Check the weave of the wrap.

A. Choose your woven wrap wisely.
I recommend 100% cotton regardless if your bub is 3kg or 10 kg. Other blends like linen and hemp, which tends to provide better support for heavier bubs, needs time to break in (become softer and more mouldable for use). Chances are, you might not like the stiffness of the wrap and quit wrapping altogether.B. Check the density of the wrap.

Density usually gives you a gauge (although most of the time is almost NEVER accurate) of how heavy a wrap is. Wrapping with heavier wraps tends to be tiring especially so if it is your first time wrapping. It might feel more than a workout. Just a guideline, choose one that have a density of less than 300 gsm. 🙂

C. Check the weave of the wrap.

Since we get so intimidated by the heat and humidity try to avoid plainweaves.

Maybe zig zag twill, diamond or jacquard weave is better for our climate because it tends to be airier.4. How do you learn to wrap?I learn to wrap through youtube videos and LOADS of practice. It also helps if you have friends who have baby wear for very long to come by and give you tips on areas you can improve or if you have the time, attend sling-meets. 🙂

Two youtube channels I subscribe are:

BabywearingFaith and WrapYouInLove.
BabywearingFaith is great if you need someone to explain verbally and show to you at the same time. It’s like having a physical teacher in front of you. WrapYouInLove, however, is great if you need a quick revision of what you have learned from BabywearingFaith. 😉

Several beginning front carries you can learn are:

A. FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry)
Babywearing Faith –
Wrapyouinlove –
Nursing in FWCC –

WR_nursingNursing anywhere. Theres ample cloth to pull up and you are good to go! 

Wearallthebabies –

C. Rebozo Carry
Babywearing Faith –
Wrapyouinlove –
Nursing in a Rebozo –

Once you have mastered and are comfortable with more front carries and wish to venture to back carries, you can try and learn several.

*Disclaimer: For back carries, PLEASE have a spotter nearby to ensure that baby’s safety is not compromised while you get baby on the back.

A. Getting baby on the back by Hip Scoot Method

B. Getting baby on the back by Superman Toss method.

After getting baby safely on the back with the top rails secure, you can wrap baby by the ruck method or double hammock method. 😉

5. I want to buy a wrap today and bring out baby with wrap tomorrow. Can I?

“In order to activate the calm and centered branch in your child’s autonomic nervous system, you need to quiet yourself down first.”

-The Science of Parenting by Margot Sunderland
Honestly, no unless you have wrap before and won’t mind your wrap sprawling all over the floor when you are outside. I took nearly 2 weeks before I was confident enough to wrap in public and ensuring that when I untie, the whole wrap doesn’t fall on the floor.Just like any new “gadgets”, you need some time to get acquainted with. Same goes for the baby. The baby might not enjoy being in the wrap for the first time. He might fuss and cry endlessly and you would think that he doesn’t like to be wrapped. Not true. Try again when he is calmer, had his nap and a full feed. Chances are he will be ready now.And then, keep wrapping and wrap and wrap until you can untie and retie without having to throw the wrap on the floor but on a sofa/bench/chair without the help of anyone.

Don’t be demoralised by a couple of beginning failures. Don’t bother wrapping when you feel tired either because first time wrapping feels like a total workout.

Important note is that BOTH wearer and wearee MUST be happy before, during and after wrapping. 🙂

6. Can you recommend a wrap for me please?

Didymos 100% cotton is a good starter point I feel.

7. A woven wrap has sizes. What size do I buy?

Image courtesy of

How do you use this chart?

I am a size 8 and FWCC is a carry that uses most fabric. So I should get a wrap of size 5.

8. Where can I buy wraps that meet my budget?

For a start, this is a good website to consider.

Jars of Fluff
The owner is a certified babywearing consultant and is happy to answer all your burning questions. I also heard that she is very helpful in giving you first hand tutorials if you need one. Last I checked, I believed she has some wraps for rent. Rent is great because you can consider before purchasing.

CareRing Slings
The owner is a certified baby wearing consultant and am sure will be happy to answer your queries. 🙂

8. So… what is next?

You may also join these two facebook page:

Babywearing Singapore
SG Babywearing Swap and Library
SG Babywearing Swap and Library is also a sling library where you can borrow a carrier with a fee. It is also a place where people buy, sell or trade their carriers. Buying preloved items can be to your advantage as preloved wraps are usually already worn and used. Thus, this wraps are already soft and very moldable. Just a word caution, as these are preloved items, do make your homework first before purchasing. The Internet has made information so widely available that it would be impossible to say “I do not know about item XxX”.

Last but not least, observe TICKS when baby wearing regardless what carrier you are using.  😉

Image from
Front, back or side, as long as TICKS are observed, insyaAllah, your baby is happy. 🙂

Games Day Weekend

“Another early loss children deal with occurs when a sibling is born. The older child’s relationship with his primary caregivers is altered suddenly and profoundly. No matter how sensitively the parents handle the situation, no matter how much the child appears to ‘love’ the new baby, there is grief for the pre-existing situation for what once was. The new third party causes forced reconfiguration of the child’s place on his world and tremendous loss. Of a child can be trusted and encouraged to expressed the gamut of negative feelings he or she may be having, and if parents can use what energy they have to keep behavioral limits  consistently intact while allowing for painful feelings, then the child can stay on the course of healthy emotional release…” Janet Lansbury in Elevating Child Care.

A month ago, I was a bit concerned with the screen time demands that Umar made while Ali is awake. I want to enforce the same no screen time rule for Ali for at least 2 years. Just as we did for Umar. But because the age gap is 3 years apart, enforcing the same rule to the younger sibling is like juggling balls while walking on a trapeze.  Umar has screen time for about 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday. It took some time for us to find the best solution without making it seem that the rules had changed “because of Ali”. We actually started by changing the rule to “screen time only when Ali is napping”. But another problem cropped up. He will demand for a screen time the moment Ali naps but problem is, it is also his nap time. So by the time he finishes his screen time, Ali wakes up and I don’t have my downtime. Sounds pretty selfish don’t you think? I am no SuperMommy and simply human. I need my downtime or power naps to make me less edgy so I can
 function well for the betterment of my children for the second half of the day.
So I proposed to hubby to have no screen time at all unless it is an emergency but we had to do it tactfully. We need to be mindful that he won’t feel as if Ali had taken his “rights” away from him. Above all, we do not want him to feel less important.

After much thought and looking at the untouched recyclables I hoarded for many months, we decided for “Games Weekend”. Games Weekend only means more mess, more work for me. But to take something, you have to give something back. I further enticed Umar with the idea by giving him the title of a “Games Master”. Since it is in an early stage, I explained to him that his role is to come up with a game he has in mind. I will be source out materials for him and we will build this game together. I also reiterated to him that both of us will be a team. (He likes to be in Ummi’s team.) He needs to feel special and he did.
So first weekend came and I hyped him up since Wednesday. He said he wanted to make a pinball game with marbles. I excite him each day and asked him simple questions like what materials are we needing for his games. How to play the game? And how can Ummi help him?

The day came and Ali needed to nurse and he started to be edgy. If I waited any longer, he will certainly ask for screen time.  So I asked him if he could help me pick the colors he wants to use to paint the recyclables. I store his art supplies within his reach. It roughly took him 10 minutes to choose the colors and carry the bottles to the table.  The moment Ali is done with nursing we started to paint. I helped him most of the time. But he was engaged all the time asking me questions which tape to use, which scissors to take?

Painting his Pinball box
Painting his pinball box together.

Playing with his "invention"The toilet rolls are detachable. He is able to customized the game the way he likes it.

Was it a success? The box is still around till today. It has been 3 weeks and he plays with it still.

The weekend after that came and he had an idea of making a drum during one of our music sessions. Both of them wanted to play with the tambourine. So there was a struggle. I guessed he figured making a drum would make the struggle go away. 🙂

Painting his drumIt is not really a mainstream drum as our focus is to use recyclables around the house.
Not very much of buying anything. 🙂

Filling his drum with beans.Filling his drum with beans. The beans are also reused. It was from a previous shaker we made. 

It is not play if there isn’t any spillage. Nothing can be better than beans spillage. But of course, cleaning up is sweeter with his own set of cleaning apparatus. 😛

A chopstick acting as a drum stick.

I made one for his little brother too. Not only he enjoys shaking it, he loves biting it too until the cellophane paper and he accidentally swallowed some green beans.
The next day, he pooped out slightly matured green beans. LOL. Ok not funny. But I am glad to see them n the poo. haha. 

So we did. We ended up with a shaker kinda drum. It has been two weeks and he hasn’t asked persistently for the ipad or tv. He still ask for the television occasionally. Trying his luck perhaps.

I am hoping I can keep this up. On a happier note, I don’t feel bad keeping the iherb’s empty boxes anymore. (iherb boxes are one of the best in my honest opinion!!!)

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet child!

Happy birthday Ali Redha! Ummi is a bit late but you know, people always say that it’s better late than never and it is the thought that counts.

Every child has their own set of rezq. When we think of rezq, we think of abundance wealth and wealth doesn’t always come in the form of money. It can spiritual, mental or physical wealth. Well, I believe my son, Ali Redha, is born to save me.

When he was born, he had to do a blood test to ensure that everything about him is fine. When the results came back, there was an abnormality.  Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Basically, his thyroid glands are under producing. As a parent, my heart was crushed. I took care of this pregnancy so much more than when i was carrying Umar.

Truth was, I couldn’t believe the report. Could it be a mix up? I mean how can it happen when I took care of the pregnancy (or so I thought). We were given two options. One was to keep doing blood test weekly till he is six weeks old in the hope that the abnormality disappears by chance or we can start medication immediately. The medication, according to Dr Google and our paediatrician,  can stabilise the condition if treated at an early stage. However, for the life of me, I CANNOT comprehend how to administer drugs to this little being. I chose the former although it was equally painful to see him suffer getting pricked every single time. Despite my efforts to go on a strict diet of only cod fish, spinach and vegetable oil everyday, the next two blood tests still showed the same results. Not helping that he showed symptoms of it – barely audible crying, sleeps alot. Basically, this sweet baby who requires little attention is suffering from a condition called hypothyroidism.

We had only one last blood test to do before the paediatrician referred us to a specialist and medications will have to be administered. Amazingly, the last blood test’s results were borderline.  Our paedetrician sent the report to a specialist for a second opinion and the specialist assured her that his condition will stabilise and Ali is going to be fine. Alhamdulillah.

Then you know how everything became ok and you start to be complacent again? Well, I started binging on sugar again and Ali developed rashes on his back. It started as just a patch but soon after his vaccination, it spreads like wildfire. We even went to a specialist in Malaysia in the hope of getting things sorted out.  We did get an answer though. We had to wait out till his immune system gets stronger. For the time being, all we could do was wait.

I went on a total diet overhaul. No sugar, minimal bread, bittergourd juice everyday and I saw vast improvements. Healing definitely takes time but we are reaching there.

Several months later, I was diagnosed with auto immune disease. The abnormality was too high that my GP suggested me to see a specialist immediately and stop breastfeeding totally because the medicine is not safe for babies. I was asked to come back again almost immediately so he can do a more thorough test.  In his words “we need to know which of your organs are failing”. He also mentioned to not get my hopes up high because due to my extreme blood test results, there is almost no way for the blood levels to go back to normal. I was not scared for myself. I was scared for not being able to feed Ali because deep down inside I know Ali needs my milk and I am the only one who can give him what he needs through what I eat. That week, I increase my dosage of bittergourd juice and kale to twice a day and took my probiotics regularly. When the blood tests came back, the doctor was surprised that it went back to normal and his words were “I can’t believe it and I totally cannot explain what happened”.

So yes, Ali. You are indeed my saviour and Allah has indeed put you under my care for specific reasons.

Because of you, my physical wealth has increased to multi folds. I do still treat myself once in a while but nothing like “I can’t live without chocolates”.

Because of you too, my spiritual wealth has improved. I’ll just share an excerpt from Yasmin ‘ s book – Purification of the Heart.

“I still remember the desperation. In the deep disappointment which often follows self-reflection, I turned to my Creator to plead. I turned to plead – but not for what can be measured, bought,  sold or traded. It was desperation for a truer currency. With my flaws suddenly made open to me, I became desperate to be liberated from the tyranny of my own nafs (lower desires). I became desperate to be a better person.

And so, handing my heart to Allah, I prayed that I might be purified. And while I had always held to firm faith that God is the Hearer of the prayers, I never imagined when – or how – that prayer would be answered.”

You have indeed bring bountiful of rezq to the family. You taught us patience, perseverance and determination. You gave us the space to grow to be better parents each day. You gave us the opportunity to be a better servant to Allah. May you also be the reason for us to meet again in Jannah Firdausi.

“Whenever a Muslim is afflicted with any harm, even if it were the prick of a thorn, but that Allah expiate his sins because of that, as a tree sheds it’s leaves.” [Bukhari]


‘Sometimes’ is OK

The past week, we had been visiting malls more often than I would like. There’s always a valid reason to hit the malls – groceries, electronic appliances or breakfast at kids-friendly spaces. I do not find anything wrong with malls. I just hate the idea that I am instilling the kids with the thought that we have excessive purchasing power when we are just buying the necessities.

I was lamenting to my hubby how we should restart what we did last time. I even exaggerated that it has been a looooong while since we brought the kids to the park. My husband tried to rationalise that we DID gave them outdoor time every day. He even went to the extent to recalling the days, time and places we went. Granted, he was right. We did have outdoor. It’s just not a big park. 😀

Last week, after their waterplay, we decided to trawl the mall while waiting for my hubby’s meeting to end. Umar decided to go the bookshop. Well, I thought it was a good idea because he seems to think it is the library. I decided to treat him to a book he might like but he had to queue on his own and pay for it.


While he queued, I watched him and gave him my megawatt smile every time he looked at me. I could see that this “exercise” was nerve-wrecking for him. I could understand. First times are always the worst. He attempted to fall out of the queue once in a while but I constantly reminded him that he needs to pay before he can bring the book out. I guided him with the things he needed to say when he reached the cashier.

For a first time, he did extremely well. I was just a bit disappointed that the cashier did not acknowledge Umar as his customer but instead asked me questions such as “Do you need a plastic bag?” “Do you have a member card?” It was a great lesson for me too. I could have asked the cashier to direct the questions to him.


Then it hit me that these lessons cannot be found in the park. Lesson opportunities are everywhere. We simply have to make room for it.

“Give yourself a pat on the back dear. You are not a terrible parent. We had errands to do.” – my dear hubby said. 😀